Only error correct do not format html possible ?

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Only error correct do not format html possible ?

Lee Gold-2

Is there a way to get error correcting but not get formatting with
html tidy.

if a bunch of lines inside of other tags like:

<linetag><a>1111</a><b id=zzzz>2222</b><c>3333</c></linetag> EOLN <---
this is all on one line

and if I run  tidy_document I get it corrected, indented, and it splits
the html onto different lines which looks great.

But I want to keep the exact formatting, I want one <linetag> enclosed
statement per line. But I do want tidy to put quotes around the
attributes and correct errors like that but keep my per line formatting.

Is this possible? Or is bad formatting considered an error and I can't
turn it off?


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