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OWL Web Ontology Language

Bdn 01

OWL Web Ontology (XML Presentation Syntax)
Date: Sat, 04 Mar 2006 22:59:28 +0000
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I have been following the development of the web ontology work for over a
year now and found the work on this topic extremely exciting. I do now
however have a concern that it does not cater for the situation where an
individual's property value may be neither a datatype, or another
Individual, but rather a class.

The reason I write is I would prefer to correctly apply the owl standards
than extend the standards to cater for what (to me at least) seems to be a
standard case. I have posted the example below to help ilustrate this

How to express that a child has a preference for dogs rather than cats as a
- A given child is an individual with property "hasPetPreference".
- A dog or a cat is a class (we should allow for identifying an actual beast
as an individual having class dog or cat).