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Nu Html Checker suggestions




I would like to suggest some improvements to the "Nu Html Checker", if they're not too problematical to implement.

  1. In the 'Checker Input' box, remember the value of the Show (Source/Outline/Image report) from file to file and from session to session.
  2. In the 'Checker Input' box, remember the 'Check by' value (address/file input/text input).
  3. In the 'Checker Input' box, remember the 'Choose file' name; clicking on it opens the last used directory name, so it looks as though you're almost there!
  4. When an 'Error' is found, a link straight to the offending item would be great. Possibly the same goes for an associated 'Warning' as that might be the real error.

Regards and thanks for providing such a useful tool.

Ken Lunn