New release of HTML5 checker (includes batch checking and WAR file)

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New release of HTML5 checker (includes batch checking and WAR file)

Michael[tm] Smith
There's a new release of the Nu Markup Checker:

The Nu Markup Checker is built from the same code that forms the backend
behind, and the
HTML5 facet of the legacy W3C validator.

The release provides a portable standalone version of the checker (as a
Java jar file, vnu.jar). Use it either for batch checking of HTML documents
directly from the command line and from other scripts/apps, or as a simple
standalone HTTP server that provides a service for browser-based checking
of HTML documents over the Web, similar to

Documentation on using the vnu.jar file is here:

For example, to batch-check one or more local HTML documents:

  java -jar ~/vnu.jar FILE.html FILE2.html FILE3.HTML FILE4.html..

To batch-check all HTML documents in a particular directory:

  java -jar ~/vnu.jar some-directory-name/

To batch-check one or more remote HTML documents:

  java -jar ~/vnu.jar

To run the checker as a standalone service (using a built-in Jetty server),
open a new terminal window and invoke vnu.jar like this:

  java -cp ~/vnu.jar nu.validator.servlet.Main 8888

...and then open http://localhost:8888 in a browser. (To have the checker
listen on a different port, replace 8888 with the port number.)

The release also provides a WAR file that you can use to deploy the checker
as an application to a servlet container such as Apache Tomcat. Some
documentation on how to do that is here:

(Thanks to for contributing code for building the
WAR file, and for writing the accompanying documentation on how to use it.)


Michael[tm] Smith

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