New release FuXi 1.3

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New release FuXi 1.3

Chimezie Ogbuji
FuXi has been updated to version 1.3 ( has been updated). The changelog below has the details but the summary of the major changes are as follows:

- Various bug fixes
- Robust support for hybrid predicates (documentation on this is forthcoming)
- BFP is now essentially the primary reasoning method (Issue 38 notwithstanding)
- InfixOWL now has APIs for adding Attempto Controlled English (ACE) annotations to classes and predicates (documentation on this is forthcoming)
- Additional SPARQL 1.1 entailment tests now pass


990c69a789:- Adds proper skolemization of blank node classes when used with owl:inverseOf, owl:equivalentProperty, and owl:TransitiveProperty - Fixed and completed handling of hybrid predicates (i.e., predicates that are in both the IDB and the EDB) - Fixed generation of query predicates where arity is 2 and one of the terms are unbound ( so predicate_bf(..) is properly distinguished form predicate_fb(..) ) - fixed str:contains builtin function - added --hybridPredicate option to command line. Works like --idb/--edb but indicates predicates that are in both and can be used more than once. - Fixed adornment of rules to use a queue to handle new predicates to process - Takes advantage of the fixed way that the SPARQL prolog variables are passed around during the evaluation process - The default reasoning method for the topdown store is the BFP method - Added support for ACE annotations in InfixOWL (see: - AnnotatibleTerms.setupACEA
nnotations adds all the proper declaration for the annotation properties - Class.setupNounAnnotations takes a tuple of the form (CN_sgProp, CN_plProp) and adds the corresponding annotations for the classes - Property.setupVerbAnnotations takes a tuple of the form (TV_sgProp,TV_plProp,TV_vbg) and adds the corresponding annotations for the property6b5c33cacc:removed sld from --method (bfp is primary reasoning method)786cd4012b:- Added sameAs tests - Fixed syntax error in boolean combination (effecting usage of hybrid predicates) - Fixed handling of ground goals by top-down SPARQL store: in general and specific to hybrid predicates - Added rules to propagate rdfs:subClassOf to range of rdfs:range / rdfs:domain (for SPARQL 1.1 RDFS entailment tests) - Added RDFS axiomatic triples (for SPARQL 1.1 RDFS entailment tests) - Added rdf10 and rdfs11 to tests to skip (for SPARQL 1.1 RDFS entailment tests)c14860986b:- bumped version to 1.3

Chime Ogbuji
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