New publication workflow: Echidna 1.4.0, Specberus 1.3.0

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New publication workflow: Echidna 1.4.0, Specberus 1.3.0

Antonio Olmo Titos
We have just deployed new versions of the tools for automatic publication:

Echidna 1.4.0
Specberus 1.3.0

These are some of the recent changes:
• Added support for exceptions (read more about that on the wiki: ).
• New profile added: "First Public Candidate Recommendation".
• We fixed an issue when checking some new TLDs, eg ".life".
• The UI of Specberus is now reset before validating a new document;
previous errors or warnings don't show up.
• Fixes for various bugs and for a security update, and preparing
support for newer versions of Node.js.

As usual, let us know (here or via IRC) if you find issues with these
releases, and consider contributing to the work on these tools on GitHub.

Antonio Olmo Titos
  web developer, W3C
  [hidden email]
  +81 335162504