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New XForms Users Community Group

Steven Pemberton-3
As recently announced, an XForms Users Community group has been started at  

Such a group gives us a number of resources:

        1. A wiki []
        2. An irc channel [irc://] If you don't have  
an IRC user agent, you can always use
        3. Mailing lists [[hidden email]] and  
[[hidden email]]

All members of the www-forms mailing list are encouraged to join. Note  
that you don't have to be a member of W3C to join, but you do have to  
agree to an IPR statement.

The initial aims of the community group are:

1. To encourage users of XForms to bring their discussions there, for  
discussion of techniques, usage, and suggestions to improvements and  
additions to the language.
2. Allow people to contribute to the XForms test suite  
3. Allow people to maintain the list of implementations.
4. Allow the XForms Working Group to give updates on XForms 2.
5. Move the XForms+HTML Note/Rec document over to xformsusers to incubate  

This last is a note documenting how you combine XForms with (X)HTML; it  
will be converted to wiki markup and put on the Community Group's wiki,  
allowing group members to contribute to it.

This is of course only an initial list of aims, brainstormed by the  
Working Group. It is up to the Users Group to further develop this list.

Currently the group has no chair. The group should decide on a chair once  
it has reached sufficient size.

Best wishes,

Steven Pemberton
Co-Chair XForms WG