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New Hungarian dialogs

Irene Vatton-2


Could someone send us the translation of following messages:

hu-amayadialogue:54 Save All
hu-amayadialogue:65 Send by mail ...
hu-amayadialogue:76 Open the link
hu-amayadialogue:77 Open the link in new tab
hu-amayadialogue:78 Open the link in new window
hu-amayadialogue:257 Show/Hide toolbars
hu-amayadialogue:258 &Browsing
hu-amayadialogue:259 &Editing
hu-amayadialogue:298 Enable/Disable
hu-amayadialogue:299 Execute a command
hu-amayadialogue:300 Execute an external script
hu-amayadialogue:301 Add an external script
hu-amayadialogue:302 Insert a script

hu-amayamsg:235 Tool panel bar alignment:
hu-amayamsg:236 left
hu-amayamsg:237 right
hu-amayamsg:411 Copy resources (styles and scripts)
hu-amayamsg:412 Where to save resources
hu-amayamsg:413 Where to save images
hu-amayamsg:414 Document
hu-amayamsg:415 Images, Styles and Scripts
hu-amayamsg:416 Mail
hu-amayamsg:417 Common parameters for sending mails:
hu-amayamsg:418 SMTP server address:
hu-amayamsg:419 Server port:
hu-amayamsg:420 (25 by default)
hu-amayamsg:421 Sending address (From field):
hu-amayamsg:422 To:
hu-amayamsg:423 Send by mail
hu-amayamsg:424 Subject:
hu-amayamsg:425 Send as:
hu-amayamsg:426 Message body
hu-amayamsg:427 Attachment
hu-amayamsg:428 Zip archive
hu-amayamsg:429 Don't send
hu-amayamsg:430 Send
hu-amayamsg:431 The server address and port must be set in Preferences
hu-amayamsg:432 Message:
hu-amayamsg:433 Alternate textual  message:
hu-amayamsg:434 The server is unreachable or does not respond
hu-amayamsg:435 The server has reject you
hu-amayamsg:436 The sender address is misformatted
hu-amayamsg:437 A recipient address is misformatted
hu-amayamsg:438 The mail content is misformatted
hu-amayamsg:439 Mail not sent
hu-amayamsg:440 Mail sent
hu-amayamsg:441 Passwords
hu-amayamsg:442 Do you want Amaya to remember this password?
hu-amayamsg:443 Remember passwords for sites
hu-amayamsg:444 Sites
hu-amayamsg:445 Remove All
hu-amayamsg:446 An error occured during the building of the javascript/DOM
hu-amayamsg:447 A script is still running but will be aborted as soon as
possible. Please try later.
hu-amayamsg:448 Javascript/DOM can not be enabled in this view.
hu-amayamsg:449 Enter a javascript command:
hu-amayamsg:450 The command returned the value: %s
hu-amayamsg:451 The command returned no value
hu-amayamsg:452 SpiderMonkey returned the following error:\n\nFile: %s\nLine:
hu-amayamsg:454 Customizable
hu-amayamsg:456 Create the link by click
hu-amayamsg:458 Save without template
hu-amayamsg:459 With theme ...
hu-amayamsg:460 Full width
hu-amayamsg:461 With caption
hu-amayamsg:462 Size
hu-amayamsg:463 Position
hu-amayamsg:464 XML editing mode

hu-libdialogue:59 Unindent
hu-libdialogue:60 Single line spacing
hu-libdialogue:61 Middle line spacing
hu-libdialogue:62 Double line spacing
hu-libdialogue:241 Various constructs
hu-libdialogue:242 Relations, orders and logic
hu-libdialogue:243 Sets and functions
hu-libdialogue:244 Arithmetic, operations, complexes and constants
hu-libdialogue:245 Analysis, linear algebra and statistic
hu-libdialogue:246 Trigonometry and logarithms
hu-libdialogue:249 Theme

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