NEW ISSUE: WSDL and the Test Suite

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NEW ISSUE: WSDL and the Test Suite


NEW ISSUE: WSDL and the Test Suite

Title: Web Service Testing of schema patterns

Description: While schema interop issues are not exclusively related to
web services our domain and problem space is focused on the web services
frameworks that are used. How are we to ensure a consistent approach to
the specification and testing of schema patterns in web services

Target: Test Suite

Proposal: Use cases submitted to the WG should identify a consistently
named global element that can be referenced from the WSDL such that the
WSDL can be generated  automatically not hand crafted. The WSDL
generated can then use this global element as both the input and output
message of the service; facilitating a test endpoint that must process
the incoming message format and be able to echo it back via its own code
binding mechanism.


Jon Calladine
Integration & Data Design
Platform Engineering