MyMobileWeb receives the Eureka-CELTIC label

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MyMobileWeb receives the Eureka-CELTIC label

Dear all,

I'm glad to announce that our open source project MyMobileWeb ( has received the Eureka-CELTIC label.  The project is leaded by Telefonica. Andrea Trasatti, our colleague in the DD and BP group, will participate in the project as an independent expert and consultant in the area of Device Description.

With respect to the W3C standardization effort we have to say that:

+ One of the tasks of the project, leaded by Andrea Trasatti, will be the implementation of the upconming DDR APIs, so MyMobileWeb will support the connection to any standard DDR.

+ Other of the tasks will be the implementation, targeted to mobile ui and mobile applications, of the upcoming standard for a DFAUI (Declarative Format for Application and User Interfaces) that the WAF WG could define.


The CELTIC Office, in a meeting that took place on November 9th, assigned the label "Eureka-CELTIC" to the MyMobileWeb project. Besides, due to its good rating and excellent comments received from experts, MyMobileWeb has been identified as a "CELTIC Flagship Project". This is a new success and assures the continuity of the project until at least 2010.

This label is a very important step towards the evolution of the project in an international basis, with four countries involved (Spain, France, Italy, and Germany). The commencement of the international project is scheduled on July 2007. In the meantime, MyMobileWeb is a "Tractor Project" which is being funded by the Spanish Ministry of Industry. The project consortium is the same that will participate in the CELTIC project representing Spain.

Best Regards