Multimodal Interaction Working Group minutes August 8, 2016

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Multimodal Interaction Working Group minutes August 8, 2016

Deborah Dahl

Dr. Dirk Schnelle-Walka of Harman joined us again today to talk about

automotive use cases.

and below as text.






                               - DRAFT -


                                 MMI WG


08 Aug 2016






   See also: [3]IRC log







          Debbie, Dirk, Kaz













     * [4]Topics

         1. [5]actions

         2. [6]Use Cases

         3. [7]Web of Things coordination

         4. [8]Use Cases revisit

     * [9]Summary of Action Items

     * [10]Summary of Resolutions



   <scribe> scribe: Kaz


   <scribe> scribenick: kaz




   <ddahl> action-447?


   <trackbot> action-447 -- Kazuyuki Ashimura to Review updated

   vocabulary -- due 2016-06-27 -- OPEN







   kaz: not yet...


   ddahl: she wanted to update the draft

   ... need to check with her

   ... might be better to wait for the next draft


   kaz: will skim the current one

   ... and will review the updated one


   ddahl: discussion during the previous call about the expected



   kaz: ok


   dirk: have problem with accessing the Tracker and the Wiki


   ddahl: if you have your W3C account, it should work for the



   kaz: you need to login the wiki to edit it

   ... but your account should work for it

   ... would like to check with the Systeam


   "/me your account"


   ddahl: regarding Helena's document?


   kaz: will check the prev minutes as well


   ddahl: ok


Use Cases


   -> [12] Use

   Cases wiki




   dirk: sent my slides to the public list




   /att-0007/Multimodal_Interaction_in_Cars.pdf Dirk's slides




   kaz: sorry but failed to bring this to the Automotive group

   during the f2f meeting in Portland

   ... will talk with the group co-Chairs about when to discuss UI



   dirk: maybe not the whole Automotive WG but some sub group

   would work


   kaz: right


   ddahl: maybe we could form a joint TF


   kaz: there is a possibility not the WG side but the BG side is


   ... I'll talk with both the Automotive WG and the Automotive BG




   _Specification Automotive Information Service discussion










   kaz: they are planning to specify data point using "path"

   parameter based on GENIVI's VSS definition


   ddahl: how to specify door, etc.


   kaz: the original vehicle data spec had an idea of "zone" for

   that purpose

   ... so how to specify position is one of the issues for the new


   ... how to distinguish multiple sessions is another discussion



   ddahl: how about discovery?


   kaz: discovery is not yet discussed

   ... I think the basic expectation is that the IVI system is

   already installed and discovery is not needed

   ... but at some point we need to think about discovery again

   when we want to integrate external services and additional



   ddahl: we have UC-12 for Smart Car Platform




   art_Car_Platform Smart Car Platform




   ddahl: (updates the wiki)

   ... GENIVI use Qt or HTML5 for GUI

   ... Automotive WG develops an approach to low-level interaction

   in the vehicle with WebSockets


   kaz: another question is how to detect availability of sensors

   and properties

   ... it seems the current vehicle service spec draft says we'll

   get 503 error if the sensor is not available


Web of Things coordination


   kaz: Jim Barnett and I joined the WoT IG call last week

   ... and explained what SCXML was like

   ... people were interested in SCXML and how to use it for

   concrete WoT systems

   ... Automotive use cases may be good

   ... will continue the discussion on the list

   ... I mentioned Dirk was working on automotive use cases and

   talking with him would make sense


Use Cases revisit


   ddahl: what about UC-18 smart remote for appliances?




   rt_remote_for_appliances UC-18 smart remote for appliances




   ddahl: good use case for WoT as well

   ... might want to see Dirk's paper for the SCXML workshop

   ... UC-7 is also related to smart appliances

   ... and related to geolocation/geospatial too

   ... is anybody interested in adding dependency information?


   <scribe> ACTION: kaz to talk with the Systeam about Dirk's

   account for the use case wiki [recorded in




   <trackbot> Created ACTION-451 - Talk with the systeam about

   dirk's account for the use case wiki [on Kazuyuki Ashimura -

   due 2016-08-15].


   kaz: btw, at some point, maybe we might want to publish this

   use case wiki as a group note


   ddahl: +1

   ... but before that we need to work more


   [ adjourned ]


Summary of Action Items


   [NEW] ACTION: kaz to talk with the Systeam about Dirk's account

   for the use case wiki [recorded in




Summary of Resolutions


   [End of minutes]




    Minutes formatted by David Booth's [20]scribe.perl version

    1.144 ([21]CVS log)

    $Date: 2016/08/08 14:12:01 $



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