Moving the education conversations to the Web edu CG lists

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Moving the education conversations to the Web edu CG lists

Chris Mills-6
Hi all!

For those of you interested in the web education stuff, we are soon to be starting up activities for the web education community group. The home page is at It is looking a bit bare at the moment, but I will be writing up text to go on there in the next few days, to explain how everything is going to work, the different activities you will be able to participate in, where responsibilities lie, etc.

For now, I will be moving conversations about the education activities to the dedicated web edu CG lists. The two most useful ones for you are:

* - this is open to anyone to post to. Here we will invite general queries from outsiders, and discuss general topics that are fit for public consumption.
* - this is open to group participants only (although anyone can opt into the group). This is meant for "contributions from participants to the Reports developed by the group" therefore I think this is the best place to send updates on CG activity we have done, such as article updates, outreach progress, etc. I will comment on articles I've updated/added here from now on.

Thanks for listening,


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