Mobile Web Design - Free W3C Webinar, July 26 2006

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Mobile Web Design - Free W3C Webinar, July 26 2006


W3C presents: Mobile Web Design

    Need help with the challenges of mobile Web design? Join us for a
    free W3C webinar where you will learn from Cameron Moll, an expert
    in mobile Web design what to think about when mobilizing your web
      * What?
        W3C Webinar: "Mobile Web Design"
      * When?
        Wednesday, July 26 2006
        12am Paris - 11am London - 6am Boston
      * Duration: 1h

    If you are
      * experienced with XHTML/CSS
      * familiar with good markup techniques
      * unsure about this "mobile Web thing"

    this Webinar is for you!


    Designing Web sites that are usable, accessible and elegant has its
    challenges - but add digital products to the mix and it's a whole,
    new ball game. The variety of screen sizes, devices, and operating
    platforms alone can be overwhelming.

    This presentation takes a look at where we're at, where we're
    headed, and how to best extend an existing or planned Web site to
    handheld devices with minimal repurposing of code, content, and
    images. Discover the elements of forward thinking design needed to
    maintain consistency, regardless of where and how users access your

Invited Speaker: Cameron Moll

    Cameron Moll is a freelance new media designer, author, and speaker.
    Proficient in functional web design, elegant interfaces, and clean
    markup, Cameron's work has been recognized by respected
    organizations such as National Public Radio (NPR), Communication
    Arts, and Veer. He was a contributing author for the book, "CSS
    Mastery" and his personal site, [4], delivers design
    how-to in the form of engaging conversation, on-topic banter, and
    downloadable artwork source files.


Attending the Webinar

    If you are interested in attending, please fill in the application
    form at

    Attendees will be selected based on their experience with
    traditional Web design, and their current and future plans in that

    Invitations including the Webinar phone number and
    access code will be sent starting July 21.