Missing libccryto.so.7 and libssl.so.7

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Missing libccryto.so.7 and libssl.so.7

Hubert Christiaen

I tried to install Amaya from a binary on an OpneSUSE 11.3  x86_64 system. It
complains about missing libcrypto.so.7 and libssl.so.7 . Normally one can fool
this kind of requirement by making a symbolic link with this name to the
latest implementation of the library on your system. This is also a solution
proposed on some SUSE forums. But it does not work. I tried to put the
symbolic link in different places, without result. I tried also to compile
from  source code, but then there were other missing elements. So why does the
symbolic link method not work? Why require such a specific version instead of
a certain version or higher? Or where can I find a version of these libraries
suitable for OpenSUSE?


Hubert Christiaen
Bloesemlaan 17
3360 Korbeek-Lo