Meeting Summary - 17 March 2008

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Meeting Summary - 17 March 2008

Rotan Hanrahan
Meeting Summary - 17 March 2008

(There was no meeting this week. This is a summary of last weeks meeting.)

[Meeting Summary – 17 March 2008] After Korea, End of charter, Comments, Commitments to implement.

[Korea] Following the face-to-face in Korea, the JavaDoc of the Simple API has been updated to reflect the group resolutions. The updated Core Vocabulary is expected in a few days, and the updated draft of the API Recommendation is also expected soon. These updates are to reflect the decisions already taken by the group, not to introduce anything since the face-to-face. There are some minor contributions outstanding such as tidying of the “bootstrap” class that instantiates the Service object. Prior to the face-to-face we had IDL and WSDL versions of the draft API. These will also be updated soon. The updated IDL will be accompanied by an explanation of how the IDL is derived from the Java definition. Both IDL and WSDL will be non-normative appendices of the API Recommendation. The Perl demonstration will also be updated, and a C# binding is expected soon. All of these will contribute to explaining the API and to demonstrating its language-neutrality. Some outstanding issues remain, but it was decided that the best way to resolve these was via comments during the Last Call phase of publication.

[Charter] With the impending publication of the Simple API and the Core Vocabulary, only the calls for implementations/contributions remain in the deliverables according to the charter. For this reason, the group now believes it is reaching the end of its life, coinciding with the projected end of its chartered period. A final face to face meeting is now being planned for June.

[Comments] Some comments on the recent API work are to be delivered to the editors soon, and will subsequently be made public along with the updated documents.

[Commitments] Group participants were asked for information on intended implementations and demonstrations of the proposed technologies. From the feedback, we can expect implementations in Java, IDL, WSDL, Perl and C# over the next few weeks. A public call for implementations and data contributions will be made after the current documents have been updated and published.

Attendees: Rotan, Pontus, Jo, Nacho, Rodrigo, Rafa, Matt.