MKCOL and URI components with embedded slashes.

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MKCOL and URI components with embedded slashes.

Mark Phillips-4

I am a novice with Apache and working to displace ignorance with knowledge. If my question is off topic for this list, please point me to a more appropriate forum if you know of one.

I have set up Apache 2 on Windows XP and enabled mod_dav. That works fine. I have built a dav client that works well with the server as well as successfully connected from well known dav clients.

As we further our development, the request has been made to support URI components with embedded slashes, e.g. "Code 11/test 14".

I have read about the apache directive AllowEncodedSlashes. I tried placing it in the main section of httpd.conf, but no joy.

Is it possible to support embedded slashes in directory and file names in a DAV repository?

I would most grateful for advice and/or link to resources to help me understand a correct way to accomplish this.


 - Mark Phillips