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MAP content model correction

Bugzilla from

Regarding XHTML 1.0 - DTDs:


               <!ELEMENT map ((<a
href="">%block; | form | <a
href="">%misc;)+ | area+)>

Should be

               <!ELEMENT map ((%Block;)+ | area+)>

The present definition of %Block is:

        <!ENTITY % Block "(<a
href="">%block; | form | <a

Should be:

        <!ENTITY % Block "<a
href="">%block; | form | <a

References to %Block; elsewhere should be replaced with references to (%Block;)+

Motivation: better modularity, easier to implement a validator following the DTD.

Please consider.

Note also that according to The global structure of an HTML document the BODY element cannot be empty, whereas the XHTML DTD allows it to be, and it is not discussed among XHTML 1.0 - Differences with HTML 4.  I think the difference is unintended and the discrepancy should be removed.

Please fix ASAP.

Best regards,