Lecture on Moderate Islam in USA

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Lecture on Moderate Islam in USA

Dr Atiya K Arab (E)

Hello there,


I received your email address during my research from www.w3.org - Let me introduce myself to you, my name is Dr Atiya Khalil Arab Al Ansari, currently based in UAE during my retired life, planning to visit USA from September 6 to end of November 2008. I have served Karachi University for 35 years as Head of the Arabic department; an author on Islamic and literary topics with several published books besides role in TV/radio in my career. I can forward my CV on your request.


While I am visiting family in the US, I would like to use this opportunity to deliver lectures on moderate Islam / Quranic studies and its role in bringing peace and tolerance to the world, with a new angle, a brief summary below elaborates on this concept. Should you be interested, I would be more than happy to discuss this further, I shall be staying in New Jersey but open to travel on the arrangements of the inviter, I would also be happy to do a webinar for those in other countries.




Prof (retd) Dr Atiya Khalil Arab Al Ansari

Dubai, UAE

Cell +971 50 8837412

Do visit ahappyworld.info



I believe the terrorists, whether from Al Qaeda or the Taliban or any other have one thing in common, a totally distorted perception of what they call “Islam”; hence the root cause needs to be addressed by scholars at government levels, sadly, there is a dearth of even Muslim scholars who can let alone understand than convey such concepts. To sum up, people cannot see the forest from the trees, and the situation is deteriorating with other religions’ followers feeling alienated and threatened, totally against Islam’s teachings, hence we have misled followers of incorrectly perceived Islam who are making more join their ranks as they see the world unite against them, the world must unite against them, but other than arms, we must use the teachings of the God and Prophet they believe in to convince them that what they are doing is wrong and will only land them in hell then the paradise they think they are going to. We can all choose to be bystanders and “wait for our turn” for the terrorists to strike… or do what we can to stop this menace using the best possible strategy which I believe based on my religious credibility, I can and do offer, having no other ambitions or achievements to strive for in my retired life than offer myself as a spokesperson on this cause that is perhaps a major threat to humanity other than global warming and energy crises.