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LC Comment: Common event info from event()

John Boyer

On the Forms WG telecon today, Steven recommended it would be OK to submit the following as a last call comment (despite the late date).

XML Events 2 has an event() function, and it depends on the consuming language profile to provide specific context information properties that can be returned by the function.

However, there are at least five properties that XML Events 2 could offer to all consuming languages:

event('name') - the name of the event, e.g. xforms-insert (this is more for completeness, since often you will know this based on ev:event)

event('targetid') - returns ID of the event target

event('phase') - returns capture or bubble, depending on the phase the event is in when the event() function is invoked.

event('bubbles') - returns true or false depending on whether or not the event bubbles

event('cancelable') - returns true or false depending on whether  the event propagation can be stopped.

I can't recall offhand whether the ability to stop the default action is also part of cancelable, but it should be accounted for as well.

The most important ones, in my view, seem to be targetid and phase.  I have hit a few cases at least where I want to do something *if* the event is going to a particular element or *if* it is in the capture phase.

Best regards,
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