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Jigsaw as an SSL proxy

Andreas Krügersen-2

Hi all,

I am using Jigsaw as a web proxy for a new anti-phishing solution and
need to
configure it as an SSL proxy now. I need to be able to modify returned pages
though, so there must be two SSL-enabled connections, one between the
browser and Jigsaw and the other between Jigsaw and the remote server.

Thus, a request would look like this:

1. The browser initiates an SSL connection C(BJ) to Jigsaw
2. Jigsaw decrypts the request
3. Jigsaw initiates an SSL connection C(JR) to the remote server
4. Jigsaw receives a reply over C(JR)
5. Jigsaw decrypts the reply
6. <my supplied filtering algorithm for the reply>
7. Jigsaw encrypts the filtered reply for C(BJ)
8. Jigsaw sends the encrypted reply to the browser over C(BJ)

Now where would I start to do that? I need some pointers on the
classes where the essential behavior is located so that I can modify
those for my needs.

Any help is really appreciated!

Andreas Krügersen