Jigsaw Session Issue.

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Jigsaw Session Issue.


I have my web application using Jigsaw 2.2.0 installed at my client side. It was working fine but once my client powered off the machine without proper shutdown. Since then it showed a strange behavior i.e. when a client is connected locally to the application it works fine but when it is connected from some remote machine it doesn't work.

When I debugged the issue I realized that in case of remote client connection, when something is requested from the session, which was placed in the session in previous call, it is not found there.
Probably in the first call it assigns it a particular session and in the next call it doesn't recognize the request to be of the same session, rather it assigns it a new session.

So I just renamed the previous Jigsaw install folder and reinstalled the Jigsaw webserver. After that the issue was solved and everything worked fine. But to my surprize when I restored the Previous expectedly faulty Jigsaw folder the problem didn't reoccur. So is there any registry entry or out of install folder file maintained by jigsaw? if yes then which file could cause such problem? and what steps I should take to make sure that this problem will not occur again?

Ali Raza