JSON handling in XForms

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JSON handling in XForms

Stefaniuk Marcin-2
I've just returned from XML Prague conference. It was really inspiring time..

I'm happy XForms user with Orbeon implementation. For me it the best MVC framework ever seen. I'm waiting for further development the standard.

One of the planned features I consider promising is support for JSON instances. I have two suggestions in that topic:
1. When XForms would accept JSON models I think that instance (beside DOM access) should be available for Javascript as JSON. Usage of instances would be more natural.
2. As far I understood there is a plan to define own mapping between JSON and XML. In my opinion when XForms world is opening for other formats we may enforce users with customization of the mapping. There may be supported several options of mapping similar as it is organized for XML and text in XSLT / XQuery (XSLT and XQuery Serialization 3.0). I would suggest to move mapping issues out of a XForms core and define separate document with possible mapping options. It would also be natural way to add other data formats as YAML or SDL with its own mapping options. Vendors would have clear point of extending the standard.

Best regards
Marcin Stefaniuk
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