Issues addressed in the -18 drafts

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Issues addressed in the -18 drafts

Mark Nottingham-2
Please have a look; barring objections, I'll close the issues listed below.

Issues are linked from <>.

* p1-messaging
#158 Keep-Alive and Proxy-Connection headers
#300 Define non-final responses
#324 Intermediary rewriting of queries

* p2-semantics
#185 Location header payload handling
#255 Clarify status code for rate limiting
#312 Should there be a permanent variant of 307
#325 When are Location's semantics triggered?

* p4-conditional
#306 Does etag value really use quoted-string

* p6-cache
#212 Refining age for 1.1 proxy chains
#274 Warn-code registry
#293 Interaction of request and response Cache-Control

* p7-auth
#314 Allow unquoted realm parameters
#321 Repeating auth-params

Mark Nottingham