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Issue 5.4-clarify-depth

Julian Reschke


over on the Jackrabbit developer's mailing list, Marcel Reutegger noted
that the description of DAV:depth is not clear as it should be.

> Julian Reschke wrote:
>> Marcel Reutegger schrieb:
>>> Though I'm not sure if a depth value of "1" must also include a match
>>> on /foo.
>> Yes, it has to.
> Are "0", "1" and "infinity" the only possible values for DAV:depth or
> is anything between "1" and "infinity" possible as well?
> the rfc only mentions the three values and I did find any more details
> in the DTD about the depth value.

I've added a new issue for this
and propose to fix this by using language from RFC2518:

"When the scope is a collection, if DAV:depth is "0", the search
includes only the collection. When it is "1", the search includes the
collection and its immediate children. When it is "infinity", it
includes the collection and all its progeny."

Best regards, Julian