Is there is patch for coredump

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Is there is patch for coredump

Arun Chakravarthy

I recently got a coredump in libwww library (libwww-5.4.0). Here is the backtrace:

#5  0x2642b9af in free () from /lib/
#6  0x2642b708 in free () from /lib/
#7  0x262b3b3f in HTMemory_free (ptr=0x8405240) at HTMemory.c:180
#8  0x262b333f in HTList_quickRemoveElement (me=0x8405240, last=0x83c4088) at HTList.c:115
#9  0x26233a5d in Timer_dispatch (cur=0x8405240, last=0x83c4088) at HTTimer.c:115
#10 0x2623419f in HTTimer_next (pSoonest=0xbffff808) at HTTimer.c:337
#11 0x261fd868 in HTEventList_loop (theRequest=0x0) at HTEvtLst.c:735

is there any known patch to fix this issue?