ISSUE-10: suggested way forward

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ISSUE-10: suggested way forward


I'd like to close ISSUE-10 today so we can make progress.

My strong suspicion is that the pattern proposed earlier*
based upon names in Python etc is going to provide the
most interoperability with current databinding implementations,
our criteria for a pattern to be "Basic".

However, I recognise that we should go the extra mile to
avoid disallowing i18n characters, especially since we are
working within the W3C!

I therefore propose we have at least two patterns, one to recognise
simple names* for name="" and anothers to recognise more
"interesting" names (unusual in terms of mainstream programming languages),

I think we can use an XPath 2.0 match regex function to do this,
and we have examples, here, which I'll add to our suite:

the "interesting" names can be more explicitly marked as "at risk" if required.