IOPE translate in OWL-S to JSHOP2

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IOPE translate in OWL-S to JSHOP2

Marcus Vinicius-4

I'm until looking for OWL-S to JSHOP translator. I've a doubt about translate IOPE (Input, Output, Preconditions and effects).I´m trying use a experimental version of OWL-S to JSHOP translator (JSHOPTranslator) developed by Evren Sirin. Although the translate not sucessfull. I think that i've to mapping Input and Preconditions at OWL-S to Preconditions at JSHOP2, and Output and effect just like effect at JSHOP2.
For example:
The code generated automatically by JSHOPTranlator:
(:operator (!bookFinder:BookFinderProcess ?BookName ?BookInfo )
  ((bookFinder:BookInfo rdf:type bibtex:Book))

To run sucess i've to edit the code, like this:
(:operator (!BookFinderProcess)
  ((BookName ?x1) )

Someone here already try it? Can you help me?


Marcus Vinicius