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[IDEA] Series : improve amaya usage

TransMission Libre

I try to share/xpress my ideas and feeling about amaya , if dev could
restart, can be great to think/share about where ... is'nt it ?

In wysiwyg edition mode, after adding a link (<ctrl><L><L>) , (maybe
i'have dreamabout it???) there is a special trick (shortcut) to get out
the link ... this is great ...
but i often forget it , what it is again ? Official Doc @ 6.6
The <EnterKey> ! so simply that sometime i forget it ... but also
because it an invisible action : 'you don't see if it's working when it
should work'

So ... one point could be :
- how to give access to user experience of greats features of amaya ?

Occasion to share about documentation aspect of amaya, i know :
[*] The Internal one - a huge and beauti one :-) but kind of "hard" to
manipulate/access (multilangue)
[*] http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/amaya - little basics (french)
[*] http://dnwfriends.nzl.org/amayaproject/tut1.html - great to start

--> Another stuff about refresh/synchro between wysiwyg & code/...but
later ...


<<<amaya 11.4.4 (Jan 13 2012) / ubuntu 10.4.4>>>


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