I need some help with libwww

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I need some help with libwww

Ivan Tarapov



I have been trying to grasp the libwww concepts for several days already, but they still remain very vague to me.

There are several questions I’d like to see answers to:


1. I have been trying to launch a sample application – the one that counts number of bytes in the body


#define url "http://www.google.com"


int main()


      HTRequest * request;


      HTProfile_newPreemptiveRobot("TestApp", "1.0");

      request = HTRequest_new();

      HTRequest_setOutputFormat(request, WWW_SOURCE);


      if (url && *url) {

            HTParentAnchor * anchor=(HTParentAnchor*)HTAnchor_findAddress(url);

            BOOL status =


                  HTContentCounter(&readerStream, request,0x2000),


            if (status)

                  printf("Content length found to be %ld bytes\n",



                  printf("Content length could not be found\n");

      } else

            printf("Bad parameters - please try again\n");


      HTRequest_delete(request);               /* Delete the request object */


return 0;



The code is executed, however I get an error message in trace output

TRACE: Error....... Add  73     Severity: 1     Parameter: `WinSock reported error=10093'       Where: `gethostbyname'


and, the content length is found to be -1.

Error 10093 means that WinSock hasn’t been initialized.

Does this mean that the example was wrong? Or it was I who missed something?


2. How should I handle errors in libwww? For example, what should I add to the above mentioned code to handle connection reset? Absence of connection? Invalid address? Invalid DNS record etc. Is there a single mechanism like Win32’s GetLastError() or there is a separate scenario for each error?


3. I’d very much appreciate if someone had written me a simple program that would issue GET request to a particular server on a particular port with several headers that are set manually and print a response from server to the console.



I hope for your help as I feel like I’m at complete loss with libwww


Thank you,