How to validate my HTML5 site?

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How to validate my HTML5 site?

Nikotine Lutritio
Hi there,
I am trying to validate my airline review website the corresponding validator but it does not seems to work.
Can anyone help?
Thank you 
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Re: How to validate my HTML5 site?

Geoff McLane
Hi Niko,

Maybe I misunderstand the question, but are you looking for ?

I just put your URL in the address line, and clicked [ Check ], and it worked for me!

Not sure what you mean by the 'corresponding validator'?

The W3C validator is open source, and there may be others who offer online validation services, either using that or other sources... and there are commercial products like, and others I am sure...

But here is 'HTML Tidy', and while tidy 'tidies' your HTML, and outputs errors, warnings, it is NOT a 'validator' exactly...

I note your index.html page is a single line of html without line breaks, which is fine, compact even... 

Maybe the editor you use to generate this does render it with line breaks, for human viewing, and only publishes it without them? Or it operates only in `Design` view, no `Source` view? There does seem at least one space where normally one would expect a line break...

Your page uses RDFa attributes, like prefix and property, which are presently **not** supported by Tidy! We are working on the question - see - still OPEN! So running tidy on your page at this time will incorrectly show these as warnings...

Also in running tidy you would need to add the options `--drop-empty-elements no`, or else tidy will remove the empty u and span elements, and `--vertical-space auto`, a new option, to output the html in one line... but like I indicate you do not seem to need Tidy!

Hope this helps...