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Michael A. Peters-2

I hope this is the right list, I admit I did not read every list
description on the daunting number.

I am using HTML5 even though it currently is not official.

Most of my content is standard English and probably is readable by
various plugins that read web content. Some of my content includes
taxonomic names, and some proper nouns that may not be properly read (IE
Ft. Reading should be pronounced as if it says Ft. Redding).

One way to solve this would be to indicate pronunciation in the an HTML
attribute - IE:

<p>... They are similar in appearance to California Red-legged Frog
(<span class="taxon" data-ipa="ˈ/rɑ nɑ/ /dreɪ ˈtoʊ ni/">Rana
draytonii</span>) tadpoles but lack ... </p>

I'm currently using the custom attribute data-ipa for that.

If there is an "official" way, I did not find it. If there is not an
official way, I think there should be.

If I ever provide a tts service for my site myself, using a custom
attribute will suffice as I could code the translation to SSML or
whatever, but current FOSS tts (IE festival) does not currently handle
IPA and the commercial solutions that do handle IPA are way way way out
of my budget.

I'd like to at least provide something to give web browsers with a tts
plugin a hint as to how to read it, and to do that, there needs to be a
standard attribute.

Of course an attribute that specifies IPA pronunciation would only work
in UTF8 documents, but that's not a problem for most.

Thank you for any suggestions.

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Re: HTML 5 and IPA TTS

Michael[tm] Smith
In response to the following message:

... the following bug has been raised in the W3C Bugzilla database:

You are encouraged to add yourself to the CC List for the bug -- which
will require that you create a W3C Bugzilla user account (if you don't
have one already):