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Hello, I'm new to XML Schema. I've already read the Schema tutorial at but I still have numerous questions:

First, I want to let you know what my XML file looks like:

<root template="rootpage">
  <page1 template="journal">
    <entry1027 template="entry" title="title for entry no. 1027">...</entry1027>    <entryAlpha template="entry" title="some other title">...</entryAlpha>
  <another-page template="a-template">...</another-page>
  <another-page-2nd template="a-template">...</another-page-2nd>

As you can see, the file is not strucutred by equal node names (<page /><page /><page />) but nodes with same structure have the same attribute "template".
So instead of xs:element, I search for a possiblity to define a schema for any unspecfific nodes which have a specific attribute value in common.

Can somone please give an example?

- Thanks, S.R.

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