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Fwd: org.w3c.util.DateParser milliseconds.


Hi, I am wondering why you do this


198:        buffer.append(twoDigit(calendar.get(Calendar.MILLISECOND)/10));


Is not the ISO 8601 format like: “yyyy-mm-ddTHH:MM:SS.SSS” ? 3 digits for milliseconds.


I realized because I was doing some tests, and sometimes went wrong:



    public void testComparision() throws Exception {

        Date date = new Date();

        String isoDate = getIsoDate(date);

        Date date2 = parse(isoDate);

        String isoDate2 = getIsoDate(date2);

        assertEquals(date, date2);

        assertEquals(isoDate, isoDate2);




I changed 198 line for:



And now it always works.


Is there any reason to only considering two digits?


Thanks in advance,

Raúl Plata