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Fwd: Call for W3C Devrel feedback

Karl Dubost-5

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> Renvoyé-De : [hidden email]
> De : Karl Dubost <[hidden email]>
> Objet : Call for W3C Devrel feedback
> Date : 2012-10-31 2012-10-31T09:22:19-0400
> À : Douglas Schepers <[hidden email]>, Lea Verou <[hidden email]>
> Cc : [hidden email]
> Message-Id: <[hidden email]>
> Archived-At: <http://www.w3.org/mid/AF6A2D42-8A17-4476-AE8F-957DE78C21B2@...>
> FYI,
> On the twitter @W3Cdev account, today was posted a message calling for our feedback. :)
> Developers, Web DevRel teams, let us
> know what you need from our new #W3C
> DevRel team. We want to work with you
> to spread web standards
> http://twitter.com/W3Cdev/status/263627145400705024
> I wonder if doug or lea could expand a bit more on what type of feedback they are looking for.

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