Fw: OWLIM (OWL Semantic Repository) v2.8 released

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Fw: OWLIM (OWL Semantic Repository) v2.8 released

Damyan Ognyanoff

(*** We apologize if you receive multiple copies of this announcement ***)

Ontotext is happy to announce ver. 2.8 of its OWLIM semantic repository,

OWLIM is a high-performance semantic repository, wrapped as a Storage and
Inference Layer (SAIL) for the Sesame (http://www.openrdf.org) RDF database.
OWLIM uses Ontotext's IRRE (Inductive Reasoning Rule Engine) to perform OWL
DLP reasoning, based on forward-chaining of entailment rules. The reasoning
and query evaluation are performed in-memory. In the same time, a reliable
persistence strategy assures data preservation, consistency and integrity.

 OWLIM is proven to scale up to tens of millions of statements, maintaining
upload speed of tens of thousands of statement/sec. It can manage millions
of statements even on commodity desktop hardware. OWLIM completes the
LUBM(50,0) benchmark (see http://swat.cse.lehigh.edu/projects/lubm/) within
7 minutes on a $1000-worth machine. Based on the limited evaluation
information available, OWLIM is the fastest OWL repository available.