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Final SC3 text


Satisfying an AI from last week to put to the list the final
SC3 disposition.

Last issue was resolved in last week's telecon with concurrence
to Chris's last email.

>From the ML:
chris: Had lengthy discussion, but concluded we were on same page but
using different words. Key aspect of proposals was people misreading
"envelope", "message", "response" etc. Original proposal read "start
of response envelope" available.
... but "envelope" is just a property of the response message. All
agree that whether envelope is present has nothing to do with when we
start sending it. So change text from "response envelope" to "response".

Here is the final disposition:
Issue: Does/can OutboundMessage abstraction handle the 202/204 case?
Can an OutboundMessage have no envelope?

Target: Table 7 - "Receiving" row

Proposed edits/actions:
'***Either a) Start of response envelope available in or b) indication
from the application that no such envelope is to be send in the

'Start of response available in'