FW: Problems with "late-breaking" review requests [I18N-ACTION-530]

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FW: Problems with "late-breaking" review requests [I18N-ACTION-530]

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From: Phillips, Addison
Sent: Thursday, June 02, 2016 11:05 AM
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Subject: Problems with "late-breaking" review requests [I18N-ACTION-530]

Dear Chairs,

In the past month the Internationalization (I18N) Working Group has received four review requests for Specifications at or nearing CR transition under the new process. The time allotted for our WG to review these documents has been very limited and, in several cases, important issues have been identified, jeopardizing or changing the requesting WG's transition schedule.

One of the points of the new process was to provide for early review instead of having breaking issues raised during Last Call. Our WG's recent experience, however, suggests that the transition has not been fully effected.

Therefore, we'd like to request:

1. Review Best Practices early.  In an effort to make Internationalization more "self-service", our WG has developed and is maintaining a kind of "checklist" of I18N Best Practices for specification authors. Reviewing this during the early design and development phase of Spec creation may help your working group avoid I18N issues later. Our document lives here:


We have also added a link on the International Activity home page to this to make it easy to find.

2. Request I18N reviews at FPWD. Although the I18N WG tries to track FPWDs and sometimes will provide review comments in an unsolicited fashion, it would be better if WGs requested a specific I18N review at or close to FPWD.

3. Make time for review and comments. If a formal review must come late in the process, please allow enough time for our WG to not only review and comment, but also for your WG to react to our comments before seeking CR. Bear in mind that our WG meets weekly and that we need to give the I18N community time to understand your spec as well.

Thanks (for I18N),


Addison Phillips
Principal SDE, I18N Architect (Amazon)
Chair (W3C I18N WG)

Internationalization is not a feature.
It is an architecture.