Error in xhtml-ruby-1.xsd

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Error in xhtml-ruby-1.xsd

Christoph Schneegans

<> contains the
following definitions:

   rtc (ruby text component) element
  <xs:attributeGroup name="xhtml.rtc.attlist">
    <xs:attributeGroup ref="xhtml.ruby.common.attrib"/>
  <xs:group name="xhtml.rtc.content">
      <xs:element name="rt" type="xhtml.rt.type" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>

  <xs:complexType name="xhtml.rtc.type">
    <xs:group ref="xhtml.rt.content"/>
    <xs:attributeGroup ref="xhtml.rtc.attlist"/>

This seems to be an error. Instead of

    <xs:group ref="xhtml.rt.content"/>,

it should read

    <xs:group ref="xhtml.rtc.content"/>.

xhtml-ruby-1.xsd is distributed with the .zip and .tgz archives of
both <> and