ERRATA: Should the XHTML 1.1. DTD include 'xhtml-target-1.mod' ?

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ERRATA: Should the XHTML 1.1. DTD include 'xhtml-target-1.mod' ?

Leif Halvard Silli-4
Hello XML 1.1.'s editors

A XML editor developer has included support for XHTML 1.1. with the
following justification: ]] XHTML 1.1. This document type is similar to
XHTML 1.0 Strict, just slightly simpler and cleaner. However, like
XHTML 1.0 Transitional, it makes it possible specifying attribute
target on the a element. [[

However, I felt I "knew" that @target is not included in the "official"
DTD for XHTML 1.1. And the W3C Validator confirms this, as it stamps
@target as invalid. Also, @target was part of the "legacy" XHML 1.0
transitional DTD - thus it has a stamp of "not pure".

But, to be sure, I went to the current and historic specifications of
XHTML 1.1. And what did I see?

1) That XHTML 1.1. contains a separate target module. The justification
for separating @target into a module of its own, seems to be in order
that it is independent from the HTML-flavor, otherwise. Quoting the
spec: ]] This is defined as a separate module so it can be included in
documents that will be included in frames and documents that use the
target feature to open a new window. [[

2) Note that the the target module is not related to the legacy module.

3) Per my reading, the standard XHTML11 DTID does not include the
   target module.
   However, it looks as if the standard XML Schmea definition
   does include it:

4) Note that both the schema and the DTD are defined as normative.

QUESTION: Isn't it contradicting if the schema includes the target
while the DTD does not? Aren't the two supposed to be identical - apart
from that they are different technologies? Is int not most likely an
oversight that the XHML 1.1 DTD does not include the target module.

Note as well that the XHTML+RDFa DTD does, at least per W3C Validator,
include the @target attribute. (In fact, the latest version of XHML
1.1. is published as a XHTML+RDFa document.)

Leif Halvard Sillin