Disable automatic IRI to URI conversion

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Disable automatic IRI to URI conversion

I'm using cwm with local files with diacritics in the path.
When they go through cwm, the diacritics are converted to %XX.

Example: a triple like

     <├ítila.n3> a :file.


     <%E1tila.n3>     a :file .

Since there is an option to enable IRI to URI conversion, "n", would be
possible to call hexify() only when the option is used?
In the patch attached, I tried to do just that. Solved my problem at least.

I'm using cwm to track properties of files and ended up using strings
instead of URIs/IRIs as subjects, just to be able to copy the path from
the .n3 file directly in the file manager address bar.

notation3.patch (748 bytes) Download Attachment