Describing timelines using RDFa and iCalendar - ideas, proposal

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Describing timelines using RDFa and iCalendar - ideas, proposal

Corey Mwamba-2

Not sure if anyone will read this but I was thinking about how to
represent different sorts of timelines using HTML. Even though it's
possible to do this visually, none of the methods (e.g. [1],[2],[3]) I
found were quite right:

1. only a few gave a way of extracting the timeline so that it could be
used by a machine [which in turn could be used by a person]
2. none could describe "fuzzy" sequences of events: where you know how
long things will take, but not exactly when
3. very few could create a timeline without using JavaScript.

I struggled with and eventually gave up on using the timeline
ontology[4] and thought about how this could be done using iCalendar,
which is very common. I used an existing method of representing a
timeline in HTML and CSS[5], added the RDFa and wrote a parsing script +
XSLT to extract the data from the RDFa to create an iCalendar file.

You can see the timelines at:

And you can read my thoughts on it here:

I'm writing to ask for suggestions for improvement, etc.

All the best,

Corey Mwamba



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