DDR Simple API implemented successfully

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DDR Simple API implemented successfully

Rotan Hanrahan
DDR Simple API implemented successfully

As blogged [1], the DDR Simple API has been demonstrated to be viable. A number of demonstrations were discussed at last weeks Face-to-Face meeting of the group, held in France. This is an important milestone.

Implementers indicated that similar architectural approaches were used, particularly the use of mappings from standard vocabularies to proprietary vocabularies. The complexity of implementation is quite low, and a compliant implementation is easy to use in practice. Follow the link below to the implementation report and then to some of the implementation details.

The group will publish details of a C# implementation soon. We will also publish an early draft of a possible way to represent Structures (categories, groups, etc.), which will be a possible starting point for another working group to pick up from the DDWG.

Meanwhile, the DDWG has decided that the work on the deliverables listed in its charter has come to an end, so apart from the paperwork, the group will suspending activities. However, some of the participants have expressed a wish to continue providing some assistance to potential implementers, so we can expect some more material to appear on the wiki over the coming months.


---Rotan (chair)

[1] http://www.w3.org/blog/DDWG/2008/06/24/ddr_simple_api_implemented_successfully