Correct namespace of XPath Functions?

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Correct namespace of XPath Functions?

Adam Retter
Just a quick question for clarification on the namespaces of XPath
functions in various versions of XForms.

In the XForms 1.1 spec it states "The XForms Function Library includes
the entire [XPath 1.0] Core Function Library, including operations on
node-sets, strings, numbers, and booleans." and in the XForms 2.0 spec
it states "XForms 2.0 adds support for defining custom functions,
variables, a pluggable expression language with extra functions (XPath

In XForms 1.1, are the XPath 1.0 functions considered to be in the
XForms 1.1 namespace, i.e. ?
... and in XForms 2.0 are the XPath 2.0 functions considered to be in
their own native namespace i.e.

If so am I correct in thinking that would mean that to migrate an
XForm from 1.1 to 2.0, I would need to change the namespace prefix of
functions like `count`?

Cheers Adam.

Adam Retter

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