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Jeff Thompson-5

For what it's worth, there are some outdated comments in the rei vocabulary at

In the comment for, the example says:
[ :forAll  ( [:uri "ex:#x"] [:uri "ex:#y"]);
   :forSome ( [:uri "ex:#a"] [:uri "ex:#b"]);
   :statements ( :s1 :s2 :s3 ) ]

should be:
[ :universals [owl:oneOf ( ex:_x ex:_y)];
   :existentials [owl:oneOf ( [:uri "ex:#a"] [:uri "ex:#b"])];
   :statements [owl:oneOf ( :s1 :s2 :s3 )] ].
ex:_x a :BlankNode.
ex:_y a :BlankNode.

(I changed the set of universals to use a set of :BlankNode instead of quoted :uri
  because my current version of CWM does it like that.  Is this right?)

The rest of the comment also needs corrections.
"forall x,y,x there exists a,b,c such that s1 and s2 and s3"
should be:
"forall x,y there exists a,b such that s1 and s2 and s3."

"Two formulae are the equal if the contents of their forAll, forSome, and statements lists"
should be:
"Two formulae are the equal if the contents of their universals, existentials, and statements sets"

In the comment for,
"They are given as a rdf:List because rdf:Lists exist, and we want a closed set."
should be
"They are given as an rdfs:Class composed using owl:oneOf."

- Jeff