Cleaning up Outlook Emails -- is there hope?

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Cleaning up Outlook Emails -- is there hope?

Ray Van Dolson-3
I'm a mutt user in an Outlook world and have been trying to find a way
to clean up Outlook-generated HTML for view in my mutt client.

I've mostly been doing this via w3m -dump, but am really looking for a
solution to lots of double spaced text.

MS encloses everything in <p></p> tags -- so a couple lines of text
might be intended to look like:

  IP Address:

But ends up getting rendered as:

  IP Address:


due to <p></p> tags being around each line instead of the block as a
whole and using <br /> where carriage returns are.

MS of course includes a stylesheet to set margins to 0 so this looks
fine in Outlook, Thunderbird, etc...

The --word2000 option for "tidy" helps clean up the cruft, but the para
tags still are there.  It doesn't appear that w3m honors margin: 0 in
the embedded CSS either...

Anyone out there know any magic to make this look better in plain text
via tidy or some other tool?