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Change in cvsweb

Ted Guild

Various groups that want to have public revision history available for
have used the cvs repository instead of which is behind our mirroring system for

Final specs should reside on and not point to

Links for the latest version of a document (eg [1]) are being
advertised.  The problem for us is these are dynamically generated via
a cvs checkout for each HTTP GET.  This is costly for us in terms of
cpu cycles especially as these prominent links attract crawlers.

We have implemented a solution where on commit a static version is
brought up to date and now redirect these web requests to the static
version (eg [2]).  As a result there has been a sharp drop in cpu use
and a perceivable improvement in response time for users.

If there is a rev= or content-type= in the query string of a
~checkout~ uri there is no redirection (eg [3]).  Instead of setting
explicit content type and encoding in the query string as some do, you
may instead use .htaccess files where you can set those and/or any of
the many things you can conceive.

Should you notice any abnormalities with this please report to
[hidden email] There was a bug earlier, resolved and as of today all
missed updates have been cleaned up.


Ted Guild <[hidden email]>
W3C Systems Team