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Calls for Participation on this list

Phil Archer-4
Dear all,

As you may recall, I recently asked members of this list and
[hidden email] about attitudes to calls for participation [1].

Following that survey, the majority view is that:

1. CfPs are not welcome on [hidden email].

2. *Some* CfPs are tolerable on this list ([hidden email]), but
only if:

- the event is specifically about Semantic Web technologies;
- the string '[CfP]' appears in the subject line (for personal filtering).

As you'll have seen, I am making an effort to enforce this. One
persistent spammer has been blocked from all our lists and I've just
warned another person who sent a message about an event that, at best,
has only vaguely passing relevance.

If you are organising a workshop and want to publicise your CfP then
please follow those simple rules above. Messages about relevant
workshops with [CfP] in the subject line are OK. Of course, discussions
about Sem Web issues are welcome - that's what the list is for.

Everything else is spam.





Phil Archer
W3C Data Activity Lead
+44 (0)7887 767755

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[CfP] Deadline Extension SWIT2016 at ISWC 2016

Maria Maleshkova-2
   Workshop on Semantic Web Technologies for the Internet of Things 2016 - SWIT2016
    *NEWS* Submission Deadline Extended to 15.07!

                      17 or 18 October 2016
                            Kobe, Japan
Collocated with the 15th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2016)

Submission Deadline: 15 July 2016
Notification of Acceptance: 31 July 2016

Workshop URI:
Submissions via:
Hashtag: #SWIT2016

SWIT2016 seeks submissions from academia, government, and industry presenting novel research results in all practical and theoretical aspects of solving Internet of Things (IoT) Challenges with Semantic Web Technologies.

With this workshop, we aim to discover new ways to embrace the opportunities that semantic web technologies offer in terms of data modeling, integration, processing, and provisioning as well as in terms of developing flexible and intelligent system solutions. We want to challenge researchers towards developing integrated description and implementation approaches through both paper submissions and interactive on-site discussion and dialog. In particular we are looking for description approaches, formal models, implementation solutions, use cases, and applications that support IoT solutions based on semantic web technologies.


The main goal of this workshop is to explore the possibilities of using semantic web technologies for solving problems and creating new solutions in the context of IoT. Relevant topics include:

•    Semantic frameworks, methods, and models for IoT solutions;

•    Linked Data principles for IoT data integration;

•    Self-organizing and autonomous IoT systems;

•    Design and development of IoT platforms;

•    Monitoring and data analytics for IoT applications;

•    Real-time data integration and processing;

•    Sensor data processing and integration;

•    Development of IoT clients;

•    Supporting IoT development with semantic web technologies;

•    Application and use case deployment success stories.

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