Call for Participation -- XTech 2006

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Call for Participation -- XTech 2006

Edd Dumbill-2

                    XTECH 2006 -- CALL FOR PARTICIPATION
                   16-19 May 2006, Amsterdam, Netherlands


                             "Building Web 2.0"

   XTech 2006 will take place from 16-19 May in the heart of Amsterdam,
   at the Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, Dam Square.

   The theme for 2006, "Building Web 2.0", recognises the key place of
   standards-based and open technology in enabling the next generation
   of web applications. Practitioners and leaders from all disciplines
   are invited to participate in presenting and discussing the
   technology and design issues behind the changing web.

   Building on the success of last year's conference, this year's tracks

     * Applications: "mashups", frameworks, publishing, open source
       solutions, aggregation
     * Browser Technology: browsers, AJAX, design and interaction
     * Core Technologies: the XML and RDF family, RSS/Atom,
       databases, nuts-and-bolts tech
     * Open Data: information design, identity, tagging, privacy,
       trust, Creative Commons, DRM, government

   Subject matter is given as a guide, but is by no means exclusive!

   Read more information in the Track Descriptions at

   There are several ways you can participate. Follow the links for more

     * Presentations: 40 minute talks, to be accompanied by a short
       paper (1,000+ words) submitted before the conference. Talks are
       chosen by peer review of abstracts.
     * Tutorials: 3 or 6 hour sessions. Suitable for more established
       topics than presentations, to aim for mass appeal.
     * Panel Discussions: new this year, we want to incorporate
       discussion sessions into each track, with feedback given to the
       conference. You should nominate a chair (can be yourself) and
       have some idea of panelists to give short position statements.
     * Related Events and BOFs: there is room available to co-locate
       your event with XTech. We'll also have BOF tables over lunch, and
       signup boards for evening sessions.

   There will also be Product Presentations, from vendors or open source
   projects, and a few "late breaking" slots reserved for hot and
   developing topics. Separate calls for participation will be made for

   More information:

                            Submit Proposal

                            Submission Schedule

   9 January / Presentation and Tutorial Proposals Due
   10 February / Accepted Speakers Notified
   17 March / Late Breaking News & Product Proposals Due