CURIES and XML Host languages

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CURIES and XML Host languages

Bijan Parsia-4

I have a problem with a MUST requirement. I realize the document is in  
CR, but I only just noticed it when thinking about adding CURIE  
support to OWL/XML:

In particular:

"""When CURIES are used in an XML-based host language, and that host  
language supports XML Namespaces, prefix values MUST be able to be  
defined using the 'xmlns:' syntax specified in [XMLNAMES]. Such host  
languages MAY also provide additional prefix mapping definition  

This is unnecessarily restrictive. I want to add a prefix declaration  
mechanism and I want to keep namespace declarations out of the  
picture. I see no reason for this not to be possible, other than  
consistency with other XML formats. But I don't *want* that  
consistency. I want OWL/XML processors not to have to deal with two  
dereferencing mechanisms for CURIEs and I want OWL/XML to use  
namespaces *solely* for element and attribute names (to avoid  
confusing syntax and content).

The likely alternative is not to have CURIEs at all. Which seems silly.

Also, it's just a bit otiose. What XML language *doesn't* ,in some  
sense, support XML Namespaces? What if I have a non-namespaced format  
which has an open content model? If I put some SVG in there do I  
suddenly have to support namespace prefix lookups?

One great advantage of CURIEs is, finally, a possibility of  
*divorcing* XML Namespaces and abbreviating URIs. Yet the spec  
*requires* confusing them. Please change this.

I'm fine with a SHOULD, though I think that's wrong.

I would think my organization would oppose going to PR without this  

I apologize for not noting this point sooner.