CTA new project on IMSC1 interop

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CTA new project on IMSC1 interop

Michael Dolan-4

CTA Launches New Standards Projects on VoIP Systems, Encryption, Security and Closed Captions at Spring Forum

Arlington, VA – 04/07/2016 – The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™ today concluded its Technology & Standards Spring Forum by launching new standards projects…


CTA's TV Data Systems Subcommittee authorized a new project on next generation closed captioning that will be used in ATSC 3.0. CTA will develop interoperability tools including test materials for the new ATSC candidate standard, A/343, Captions and Subtitles, which is based on W3C timed text technology known as IMSC1. Interested parties can join "R04.03 WG01 DTV Closed Captioning."…








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